Career Opportunities at Wesley House

Resident Assistant

A Resident Assistant is a student member of the staff who works closely with residents. Our RAs work to maintain communication between management and residents and assist in a multitude of administrative tasks.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must:


The majority of the RA's responsibilities involve direct contact with residents. Other responsibilities may include:


RAs are paid hourly and receive an attractive discounted rent.


Appointments as a RA are by semester. We typically hire in December/January and May/June, but vacancies may occur at any time. RAs will work over holidays such as winter, spring and summer breaks.


As an RA, you will learn many aspects of business, marketing, sales, customer services and conflict resolution. Gaining this experience may be helpful to you in your future career.

Core values

Other details

Second jobs are discouraged and only allowed with the permission of the Community Manager. If a second job is permitted, then the job as a RA must come first under all circumstances. We do allow RA's to have co-op or internships while working at Wesley House as long as you meet your required hours per week and are able to balance both.

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