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Acknowledgement of Roles and Expectations

Legal Notice

  • You must be at least 18 years old and a second semester freshman to be eligible for the CA position
  • You must be enrolled at least part-time as an undergraduate or graduate student in an accredited area college or university
  • Any online courses must be taken at a local university and be a credit-bearing course
  • You must be in good judicial and academic standing with the university

The roles $names play fall into several broad categories and include, but are not limited to, community development, peer counseling, office and clerical work, leasing and marketing, rounds and on-call responsibilities, policy enforcement, educational and social programming, and other duties as assigned.

$name responsibilities require a substantial time commitment and CAs may be asked to limit off-site employment and activities. Priority should be given to school work and personal health and wellness, followed closely by CA responsibilities.

Please Note:Successful candidates will be required to successfully complete drug and background screenings from corporate headquarters.

A link to the recommendation form will be included in the confirmation email you'll receive after submitting your application data.